What is the Alkaline Diet?

Every day it seems there is a new diet out promising better health and fast weight loss.  Some are pretty extreme, like juice detoxes.  Some are more realistic and healthy like the Mediterranean diet.  So, of course, we were interested to hear about the Alkaline Diet and what it may promise when we ran across this article on YouBeauty.com.  There are a few things we really like about this new diet that align with Healthy Dining’s philosophy and criteria for dietitian-recommended menu choices, including:

·  Eating more fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds
·  Eating more grains and legumes like lentils, quinoa and wild rice
·  Eating less refined flour and sugar
·  Eating fewer fried foods

Some of the other suggestions may be a little extreme for a long term healthy lifestyle.  Overall, more extensive studies are needed to determine just how healthy is the Alkaline Diet.  For now, keep loading up on those healthier ingredients in dietitian picks on Healthy Dining Finder!