Whole Grain Sampling Day is Back

It’s back!  Whole Grain Sampling Day may be a little earlier this year, on Wednesday March 30th, but this just means that we get to sample whole grains sooner.  Every year, whole grains take the spotlight for Whole Grain Sampling Day.  The annual event, held by the Whole Grains Council, has one simple goal: to win you and millions of others over to whole grains with just one taste.  You may just be left wondering why you didn’t sample them sooner.

Healthy Food

Markets, restaurants, cafeterias, food companies and others have once again joined the annual event to offer consumers coast to coast a chance to try whole grain foods. These companies and organizations may offer free samples, discounted items or simply highlight the whole grain choices people may not otherwise consider trying.  It’s not just about the nutritional benefits of whole grains, either.  Sure, whole grain choices are generally higher in fiber, vitamins and minerals, but that’s not the only reason the Whole Grains Council thinks you’ll be sold on them.  Whole grain choices also happen to be richer in flavor, which can add depth and variety to dishes and food products.  Not to mention, they are an incredibly hot trend right now!

There’s no better time than now to give whole grains a try.  We dare you to take advantage of Whole Grain Sampling Day this year.

Learn more about this annual event, who’s participating, and where you can find whole grain offers near you here.  Don’t forget to check out the video while you’re there!