Fresh and Fruity: 5 Healthy Summer Treats

By Kristen Castillo

Chilling out on a hot summer day with a cool treat can be healthy. Simply focus on treats made with fruits to keep you refreshed, satisfied and guilt-free and the kids happy. These five easy-to-make dessert recipes can satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

Cran Apple Yogurt Pops
Whip up these pretty pops with the kids! This recipe has just four ingredients, including Greek yogurt, cranberry juice, applesauce and agave nectar.  While prep is only 10 minutes, you’ll have to wait three hours for the pops to be ready-to-eat.

Red Fruit Salad
It’s hard to look away from this gorgeous and yummy fruit salad! Make this savory sweet choice for yourself or serve it for your next party. Prep time is minimal – just 15 minutes to cut up the watermelon, raspberries, basil, red onion and feta cheese. Then just mix your dressing made with honey, olive oil, salt, pepper and red wine vinegar.

Berry Parfait
This berry parfait from cookbook author Holly Clegg and the Eating Well to Fight Arthritis cookbook is a light indulgence during the summer. Bursting with strawberries (and/or any other berries you choose, like raspberries or blueberries), this healthy dessert has vitamin C, potassium and fiber.

Cherry Basil Paletas
These colorful and fruity pops are the epitome of summer. All you need? Cherry and orange juice plus mint! They take five minutes to make. Freeze for four hours, then enjoy.

Baked Honey Pears
While this dessert isn’t cold, it is perfect for dessert at the end of a BBQ. The simple recipe features pears, honey, sea salt, cardamom or nutmeg and a topping of chopped nuts. Optional: top the pears with a dollop of whipped cream. Also try grilling the pears for a fun and flavorful twist – and a cooler kitchen!

What’s your top pick for summer desserts that fit into a healthy lifestyle?