Palm Restaurant – 15 Fine Healthy Dining Choices

Surf and turf is one of the great inventions of the restaurant industry – a perfect pairing of succulent seafood, like lobster and shrimp, with juicy and tender steaks, for the best of land and sea.  While many restaurants have served these dishes over the years, one of the first restaurants to start this tasty tradition was none other than Palm Restaurant.  

Since it first opened in New York in 1926, this well-known fine dining restaurant has established itself as a must-stop destination for good food, hospitality and generosity of spirit.  It is one of the oldest family-owned restaurant groups in the country for good reason!

In the restaurant’s tradition of happily honoring guests’ requests, Palm Restaurant now highlights their Healthy Dining choices for those looking for more diet-friendly menu options.  Here are just some of the dietitian-approved choices you can enjoy guilt-free at Palm Restaurant:

Broiled Nova Scotia Lobster (300 calories, 9 g fat)

Lobster has been a hit at Palm Restaurant since it first debuted on the menu in the 1940s.  Treat yourself with this fresh-from-the-sea choice.  When you request the clarified butter on the side (and use sparingly), it makes a lean and delicious choice.

Nova Scotia Lobster Salad (390 calories, 21 g fat, 320 mg sodium)

If you want the restaurant’s signature lobster and then some, this is the salad for you.  This choice includes baby greens, asparagus, tomatoes, onions and creamy avocado.  Request the cilantro lime vinaigrette dressing on the side and use sparingly to save on calories, fat and sodium.  Each tablespoon of the dressing will add 70 calories, 7 g fat and 10 mg sodium.

Filet Mignon (460 calories, 23 g fat, 120 mg sodium)

For the steak-lovers out there, the 9 oz. choice filet mignon is right up your alley.  Palm Restaurant originally did not include steak on the menu, but after many jogs up the street to the butcher to fulfill guest requests, it was finally added to the menu—starting the restaurant’s reputation as a steakhouse.  Pair this tender cut of beef with a side of veggies, like steamed green beans or spinach, and skip the clarified butter.

A La Carte: Chicken Scaloppini Martini (710 calories, 22 g fat)

This choice is definitely a treat, yet still a Healthy Dining choice.  It includes sautéed boneless chicken breast with shallots, mushrooms, fresh and sun dried tomatoes, white wine, marsala wine and basil for a combination of flavors that make my mouth water just thinking about it.  Don’t forget to request no added butter to keep this a Healthy Dining choice.

Are you still with me or have you already run out to find the nearest Palm Restaurant?  From the signature caricatures on the walls, to the flavorful food coming out of the kitchen, to the good friends and family around the table, Palm Restaurant is the place to enjoy a great meal!