October is Eat Better, Eat Together Month

At Healthy Dining, we are big fans of eating together as a family. Sure, it doesn’t always happen in the reality of today’s busy world, but more and more research is pointing to the benefits of eating together most days of the week. That’s where Eat Better, Eat Together Month comes in. The goal of this campaign each October is to spread the word about the benefits of eating together.

Whether you’re at home around the kitchen table or dining out at a restaurant for a quick meal between activities, make the most of your time together to reap rewards such as healthier eating habits, improved social skills, and stronger communication.

To help make family meals an enjoyable part of your regular routine, try these tips from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics:

  • Look at everyone’s schedule and pick a mealtime that works for the entire family.
  • On busy days, serve something quick and easy so there is more time to talk.
  • Leave cell phones in a different room.
  • Think of a question everyone can go around the table and answer such as, “What was your favorite part of the day?”

For more tips and tools to help make eating together a priority, visit TogetherCounts.com.

How do you make eating together a priority now and throughout the year?