5 Healthy Foods Even Your Kids Will Love

Convincing your children to follow a healthy diet can be a challenge. Junk food is incredibly satisfying to little palates. while vegetables are often shoved to the side of the plate. If you’re still struggling to find healthy food your children will love, this list provides five fantastic options that you can make yourself or order in restaurants.

1. Frozen Fruit

Ice cream is a favorite with kids. For a healthy alternative, frozen fruit is just as sweet and refreshing! You can blend it for a simple dessert or fill a cup for a snack.

Berries are a nutrient-packed option, and bananas can reduce tartness for a child-friendly taste.

Many chain restaurants offer fresh fruit. If this one’s a winner for your little one(s), you can always ask that some be popped into the freezer at the start of your meal.

2. Fish Patties

Fish patties are a fantastic burger variation, as they have all the added health benefits of fish – including lean protein, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. Plus, they’re lower in saturated fat and calories than beef.

There are many restaurants with fish on the menu, or you can make them at home with fresh ingredients. Doing this even allows you to “hide” veggies in the mix! Scallions, parsley and kale are all great choices.

3. Alternative Pizza

Pizza is a tried and tested method for getting kids to eat more vegetables. This innovative new idea can transform this family favorite into a nutritional goldmine.

Switching up your pizza base means that you can add extra vitamins and avoid harmful allergens. This Buzzfeed article offers a wide variety of choices.

Many pizza chains are already offering, whole wheat, gluten-free and similar crust options. Some are even becoming famed for their crust recipes (Cruzer Pizza in Los Angeles is one of the few famed for their cauliflower base).

4. Super Smoothie 

Smoothies are a one-stop shop for nutritional goodness. It’s easy to whizz up healthy fruits, veggies and yogurt into a yummy treat for your little ones.

Mix baby spinach with strawberries or carrots with tropical fruit. Then add creamy yogurt and honey for a vitamin-rich treat that is naturally sweet. More and more restaurants are offering smoothie options. If you and your family are avoiding preservatives, it’s wise to ask for nutrition and ingredient information before ordering or vet the eatery first.

5. Healthy Cookies

Sweet treats are always a favorite. Having a tasty snack on hand can be a wonderful treat –but this shouldn’t mean disregarding health. Making your own cookies means you can stay away from processed, high-calorie snacks.

This great recipe is a simple mix made from bananas and oats. You can also add nuts or fruit to pack in ever more nutritional value. When eating out, take a few of these along to enjoy on the way home after your meal, opt for fruit from the menu or share a dessert to treat your family without going overboard on calories!

Whether you’re eating out or staying in, having these five choices on hand is an excellent way to ensure your kids are happy, while providing a nutritional meal.

Use Healthy Diner Finder to locate restaurants that serve foods like these, or make them at home!

About The Author: Latoya currently works as a full-time technology blogger for Secure Thoughts. However, her first love has always been delicious and nutritious food.  She’s so passionate about the power of healthy living that she regularly contributes to health blog eHealth Informer and always has a plethora of nutritional recipes on hand for anyone who asks!