4 Small Changes for Big Weight Loss

Are you tired of traditional dieting to lose weight?  If the thought of dieting to lose weight is overwhelming or discouraging, it may be time to embrace a new strategy that is getting more and more backing from research and the scientific communities.

It’s the idea that small changes can make a big impact over the long term.  After years of low-fat diets, low-carb diets and fad diets that just seem to end in frustration and even higher numbers on the scale, this idea of small changes seems almost too good to be true, but scientists are proving that it may be your best choice for losing weight and keeping it off… without the deprivation and hunger-induced anger many dieters usually face.

According to Dr. Brian Wansink, consumer behavior psychologist and marketing professor at the Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University, the four most essential lifestyle changes for adults who want to lose weight are:

  1. Make sure the only food on the kitchen counter is a fruit bowl.  It’s no secret that we tend to grab and devour the foods that are in view and easy to eat.  It’s time to start making that work for you and your weight loss goals.  According to Dr. Wansink’s research, women who kept a fruit bowl in sight weighed 8 lbs. less than women who did not.
  2. At restaurants, order half-size entrées when available and use the “Rule of Two.” While Healthy Dining’s dietitians often do the work for you when it comes to ordering the best choices at restaurants, when that’s not an option or you prefer to indulge, Wansink says, “Use our restaurant ‘Rule of Two:’ Order a reasonable entrée that sounds good to you, and choose only two other items to go with it. It can be an appetizer and a glass of wine, a bread roll and a dessert, two bread rolls, etc. This will lead you to choose the two items you want the most without your feeling deprived.”
  3. In the grocery store, fill the front of your cart with fruits and veggies.  Lower in calories and high in fiber, vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants, these foods are weight loss champs, and when you have them at the ready in your fridge, you’ll be more likely to enjoy them.
  4. If you work outside the house, commit to not eating at your desk.  There are so many health benefits to this one, including making more healthful food choices, increased movement and improved productivity!

If you’re tired of dieting for weight loss, what small changes are you making to lose weight with less effort?

When eating out, order menu choices hand picked by Healthy Dining’s dietitians.  These options are rich in high quality ingredients such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables and lean proteins and meet strict criteria for calories, fat and saturated fat.  Even just small “Special Requests” can make a big difference in your favorite dishes.