6 Strategies to Reduce Food Cravings

Food cravings are a common topic of discussion when it comes to health, diet, nutrition and weight loss.  Ask anyone about food cravings, and you’ll most likely hear about high-calorie foods like chocolate, sweets, potato chips and similar choices.  In the past, it’s been popular belief that cravings indicate a nutritional deficiency, but mounting evidence indicates that this is often just wishful thinking.  We’d be oh so happy to justify upping our intake of ice cream to fix a deficiency and improve our health.

According to Fruits and Veggies More Matters, there are many psychological factors that go into cravings.  Here are 6 strategies you can use to help control food cravings:

  1. Engaging in any sort of physical activity may curb cravings, so go for a walk!
  2. Try smelling something else that has a pleasant but nonfood odor to help monopolize your brain’s working memory.
  3. Grandma’s homemade apple pie and other holiday classics bring back a flood of good feelings. Learn how to give the less healthy foods you love a makeover. Give Your Plate a Makeover  
  4. Enjoy comfort foods! It’s OK to eat your favorite foods. How To Fit Your Favorite Foods Into A Healthy Diet
  5. Cravings are triggered by images, and when you’re out and about, you’re bombarded with unhealthy options. Eating on the go is easier than ever, so learn how to keep healthy snacks on hand to beat cravings.
  6. Craving something sweet? Check out our Fruit & Veggie Recipe Database to find new ways to satisfy that sweet tooth with fruit-inspired desserts!

How do you manage food cravings to stick to a healthy diet or achieve weight loss goals?

Search for healthier, dietitian-recommended menu choices to enjoy when cravings strike. Healthy Dining choices are nutritious and loaded with flavor to give you the nutrients you need without the added calories and fat.