What’s the Best Way to Eat Eggs?

Eggs are no longer the feared food they once were, and we couldn’t be happier, considering they are rich in protein, vitamins and minerals.  As with any food, moderation and preparation are important for an overall healthy diet, but there are so many healthy egg recipes and menu choices out there, it’s easy to find one to love. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind for the healthiest eggs at home and dining out:   

  • Opt for preparations that use little to no added fat, such as scrambled, poached or boiled, to get the protein, vitamins and minerals with minimal amounts of added fat and calories.
  • Pair eggs with other high-quality ingredients such as veggies, fruit and whole grains for a complete meal that meets MyPlate recommendations. 
  • Egg whites can be a lower fat and calorie option for protein, but the yolk of a whole egg holds many of the vitamins and minerals
    Limit high calorie and fat toppings such as cheese and sour cream.  Instead, flavor eggs with herbs, spices and creative toppings like salsa.

How do you order your eggs?