5 Healthy Dining Choices at Boston Market

Wouldn’t it be nice to get everything done during our busy days and still have time for a little home cooking?  Most of us would love to be able to put a tasty and well-balanced meal on the table every night of the week, but it is almost impossible these days to work, get everyone where he or she needs to be on time, and still cook a comforting and wholesome meal.  Luckily, we can rely on restaurants like Boston Market for those days when we want the home-style meal but don’t have the time to make it or, quite frankly, don’t feel like cleaning up a mess of pots, pans, or dishes at the end of a long day.  Boston Market’s motto says it all: “fresh, delicious food you’d make yourself if you had the time.”

If this scenario sounds like you or if you’re just looking for a new budget-friendly restaurant to try for lunch or dinner this week, check out these Healthy Dining menu choices from Boston Market:

Chicken Noodle Soup
Few foods really embody “comfort food” like chicken soup.  This soup is made of Boston Market’s famous rotisserie chicken cooked with tender vegetables and dumpling-style noodles in a rich broth. While the jury is still out on how effective chicken soup is on treating the common cold, it can’t hurt to order up this extra dose of lean protein and vegetables for a more nutritious week.

Quarter White Meat Skinless Rotisserie Chicken Meal

This skinless rotisserie chicken is served with fresh steamed vegetables and sweetly spiced cinnamon apples.  Be sure to request the skinless option and skip the cornbread. Cinnamon has been linked to potential health benefits, most notably helping to lower blood sugar in people with and without diabetes.

Roasted Turkey Breast Meal (Regular Portion)
Who doesn’t like some mashed potatoes and gravy, on occasion?  This meal includes just that plus a roasted turkey breast and fresh steamed vegetables.  Yes, you can eat potatoes and still follow a healthy diet.

Kids Turkey with Kids New Potatoes
Kids are usually pretty happy to power down some turkey and potatoes, which means this meal will be an easy sell, no arguments or pouting required, and you’ll know they’re getting a balanced meal.

Quarter White Meat Skinless Rotisserie Chicken with Kids Sweet Corn
For kids who prefer chicken and something a little sweeter than potatoes, this chicken with corn is a good option and also an easy choice for kids and parents. Skip the cornbread to keep this a dietitian-recommended pick.