Bold Flavors and Fresh Ingredients at Mama Fu’s Asian House

Is Asian cuisine a healthy choice when eating out? It can be when you look for these ingredients and head to Mama Fu’s Asian House for dietitian-recommended Healthy Dining choices.

Healthy Food

Asian cuisine has a long tradition of bold flavors and fresh ingredients reflecting the unique palates of each individual culture and area.  While many people lump all Asian food into the “unhealthy” category thanks to the more familiar breaded, fried and sauced choices, the cuisine actually shines as a healthier choice when you focus on the more traditional options.  Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Thai and Japanese dishes often rely heavily on vegetables as the central ingredient with seafood and other healthful lean proteins in a supporting role.  While white rice or noodles are often a key component of these meals, more and more restaurants now offer brown rice to help round out your meal.

If you’re a fan of Asian cuisine, Mama Fu’s Asian House should be on your list of restaurants to try.  This restaurant offers the best dishes and flavors from your favorite Asian cuisines in a comfortable and casual atmosphere with locations in Arkansas, Florida and across Texas.  They even offer catering and delivery (check with your location for availability).  Mama Fu’s Asian House promises “something new, something exciting, and something a little different from your usual place.”  It’s a win-win: dietitian-recommended menu choices featuring the Asian foods and flavors you crave!

Find such menu items as Fresh Basil Spring Rolls, Vietnamese Vermicelli with Chicken, Thai Basil Tofu, Sichuan Kung Pao Chicken Entrée, Korean Street Tacos with Pork and more on the Mama Fu’s Asian House featured page, and let us know where your taste buds take you on your next visit.