Healthy Dining for the Whole Family at Red Robin

Red Robin restaurant review.  Dining out at Red Robin with Healthy Dining and Kids LiveWell menu choices.

Healthy Food

By Kristen Castillo Eating at Red Robin is always a fun experience for the whole family. From the red balloons and chalkboard in the lobby to the trivia on the kids’ menu, my kids always have a great time. I love coming here, too, for all the fun and because I know my whole family can eat healthy. Red Robin’s kids’ menu, featuring Kids LiveWell choices, matches exactly what my kids like to eat and what’s healthy, which is not always an easy task! Like most moms, I’m tired of kids’ menus that cater to breaded and fried items, lots of carbs and dipping sauces. It’s so nice to see healthy options like the ones on Red Robin’s menu. For example, I’m delighted to see grilled chicken instead of breaded chicken nuggets and side salads instead of French fries. Here’s a look at our lunch at Red Robin: Grilled Chicken Stickens – My little guy loved this entrée. He had as much fun eating the chicken as he did removing it from the skewer sticks. Here’s the thing: this is a great kids meal because it’s 1) healthy, 2) visually appealing and 3) interactive, so kids enjoy mealtime. Paired with broccoli, the stickens were a hit! Big Swirly Twirly Pasta – This is the larger kids’ pasta portion, and it was a great choice for my hungry seven year old. He’s a noodle lover, so this meal – fusilli pasta with marinara sauce and Parmesan cheese – was a big win. The side salad and apple juice were healthy finishes to this yummy kids’ meal.  Ensenada Chicken Platter – Full of flavor with just enough seasoning, the Ensenada chicken platter tastes as great as it looks. I ate this yummy entrée, which has a fire-grilled chicken breast with authentic Mexican seasonings and fresh salsa. The side salad with balsamic vinaigrette was delicious, too. At just 340 calories, this was a satisfying meal that’s big on flavor, not calories.  The kids had so much fun and yummy food during our lunch outing, they’re already asking when they can go back to Red Robin!