Cactus Jack’s – Healthy Dining with Old West Flavor

Do you have a taste for Old West-inspired cooking?  The kind of hearty food that any hard-working rancher, cowboy, or family like yours would be happy to pile on a plate?  If so, Cactus Jack’s in New Hampshire has the menu for you!  It is complete with chargrilled steaks, grilled chicken, baked seafood, and casseroles, plus crisp salads and fresh vegetables to round out your meals.  

Healthy Food

Healthy Dining and Kids LiveWell menu items make it easy for everyone to find the flavors and foods they’re craving while still getting the nutrition and healthy restaurant choices they need. 

Cactus Jack’s was started with a passion for the restaurant business and all the good food and good people it entails.  In the tradition of sister restaurant, T-Bone’s Steakhouse, business partners Mark Fenske and Tom Boucher work hard to ensure that Cactus Jack’s is a restaurant where you and your family can always find a warm welcome and good food  full of flavor.  You’ll have to experience the warm welcome for yourself, but here are a few of Cactus Jack’s Healthy Dining and Kids LiveWell menu choices to tempt you:

Kids LiveWell Fresh Grilled Salmon (Vegetable, Lean Protein, Lower Fat Dairy)
For the little seafood-lovers out there, this grilled salmon is a tasty choice with a ton of brain-boosting omega-3 fatty acids.  Paired with a baked potato, broccoli and low fat milk, the meal is well-rounded in both flavor and nutrition.

In The Pink Menu: Cajun Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Skewer (160 calories, 5 g fat)
Yes, you read that right.  This Healthy Dining choice includes bacon, and it can easily fit into your overall healthy diet.  This is a skewer of bacon-wrapped shrimp served on field greens with a tangy lime remoulade—a great lean protein appetizer with a dose of nutritious greens.

In The Pink Menu: OK Corral Tips & Chicken Combo (480 calories, 17 g fat, 540 mg sodium)
Can’t make up your mind?  This choice includes a BBQ steak tip skewer and two Cajun chicken breast skewers for a little variety.  The skewers are served with fresh broccoli, adding some bonus fiber and vitamin C.

In The Pink Menu: Baked Stuffed Seafood Casserole (490 calories, 20 g fat)
This is not your average casserole.  This tempting choice is made up of tender scallops, fresh haddock, and large gulf shrimp, topped with garlic crumbs, and baked with Cactus Jack’s own corn bread stuffing, a touch of lemon, wine, and butter.  The casserole is served with steamed broccoli and an In The Pink House Salad with non-fat dressing.   Skip the butter on the broccoli to keep this a dietitian-approved choice.

Kids LiveWell BBQ Grilled Chicken (Vegetable, Lean Protein, Lower Fat Dairy)
Cactus Jack’s doesn’t forget the kids!  These grilled chicken tenders are served with BBQ Sauce, baked potato, broccoli and low fat milk for the “chicken finger” taste they love with the lean protein and veggies they need.
Next time you’re in the area and looking for a friendly place to enjoy some good food off the grill, stop by Cactus Jack’s.  Looking for a restaurant near you with grilled—or baked, broiled, braised, poached, or flambéed—Healthy Dining choices?