Cuba Libre Takes Cuban Cuisine to the Next Level

Get ready for a taste of exotic Cuba in your own neighborhood. Cuba Libre, with locations in Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Orlando, and Washington D.C., is taking Cuban cuisine to the next level with flavorful dishes that will tempt and tantalize.

While you’re savoring the delicious dishes, take in the Cuban art as part of the restaurant design or enjoy the Latin dance floorshow… it may just inspire you to dance the night away yourself! Award-winning chef Guillermo Pernot creates tempting dishes that will have you and your family and friends coming back again and again for another taste. Our team of dietitians found some really inspired choices to feature for you on HealthyDiningFinder. Here are a couple of them: 

Grilled Baby Octopus (410 calories, 28 g fat) As an island, it’s no wonder that fresh seafood plays such a prominent role in traditional Cuban cuisine. This octopus is truffle- and citrus-marinated and then served with a Salpicon cucumber olive salad. Request less olive oil to cook the octopus (about ¼ of a teaspoon) to keep this a Healthy Dining choice. Octopus, like other seafood, is a good choice for lean protein, which is a must for building or maintaining muscle while losing weight. Octopus is also high in vitamin B12, a necessary component of a healthy diet. 

Mango Mojito Shrimp (300 calories, 11 g fat) Cuba Libre is known for their traditional and tasty Mojitos at the bar, but that’s not the only Mojito on the menu. This Mango Mojito Shrimp includes pan seared jumbo shrimp, wild mushrooms, and baby bok choy. The red curry-mango mojito sauce is served on the side and should be added sparingly to control added fat and calories (it’s not included in the nutrition analysis). When ordering, request less oil to cook the shrimp (1 teaspoon). Shrimp is another good option for tasty lean protein, and the mushrooms and baby bok choy add fiber and a variety of vitamins and minerals. Plus, this dish will keep you light on your feet for late-night dancing!