Fast and Affordable Healthy Dining at The Flame Broiler

Are you looking for healthy fast food?  It’s time to think outside the box with The Flame Broiler.  Not only is The Flame Broiler restaurant expert at putting together a mouthwatering bowl; they’re also quick and affordable!  This participating Healthy Dining restaurant has well over 150 locations in multiple states, making them a top pick for a quick family dinner or a relaxing lunch.

Choose from a variety of tasty and fresh bowls like these made with healthful ingredients like brown rice, vegetables and lean protein – and then sit back and enjoy!

Chicken Veggie Bowl

Sweet and tangy teriyaki chicken is paired with broccoli, cabbage and carrots and served over steamed brown rice – all topped with teriyaki sauce.  Be sure to request chicken breast for lean protein with less fat and calories.

Angus Beef Veggie Bowl

For beef lovers, all the best is served in one bowl with this dietitian-recommended choice: half a bowl of steamed brown rice and half a bowl of steamed veggies topped with Flame Broiler marinated beef.  Both beef and whole grain brown rice are good options for added iron and B vitamins in the diet.

The Works Bowl

When you just can’t make up your mind, opt for this Healthy Dining menu choice at The Flame Broiler.  With sauce-basted chicken and marinated beef served together over steamed brown rice and steamed veggies, you’re sure to get everything you want in your meal.  Don’t forget to request chicken breast for a leaner protein choice.