Find Healthier Chinese Choices at City Wok

Chinese food doesn’t have to be off-limits when it comes to a healthy diet and lifestyle.  City Wok, located in CA, CO and DC, serves authentic upscale Asian cuisine prepared with your health in mind.  The restaurant is committed to offering delicious, dietitian-recommended choices for your family’s healthy lifestyle.

Whether it’s a meal on the run or a casual and relaxed meal enjoyed with friends and family, City Wok has your favorite Asian dishes.  From Kung Pao to Fried Rice, you’ll never guess these recommended dishes are actually diet-friendly!  Everyone in the family can enjoy healthier Chinese menu choices like these, recommended by Healthy Dining’s registered dietitians:

Kung Pao Chicken, 1/2 Order, Special Request
Recognized as the “Best Kung Pao Chicken Outside Of Chinatown” by the Los Angeles Times, how can you resist this dish?  Shredded chicken is stir-fried with onion, chilis, bell peppers, water chestnuts and brown sauce then tossed with peanuts.  Healthy Dining’s dietitians recommend requesting fewer peanuts (1 Tbs.) to keep this a Healthy Dining menu choice.

Pad Thai Noodles, Special Request
Are you looking for something more than the standard Chinese take out choices?  This dish is a hot and spicy Thai choice served with chicken and shrimp. Be sure to request no peanuts to keep this a dietitian-recommended Healthy Dining choice.

Buddha’s Feast (1/2 Order)Load up on nourishing veggies with this pick. Fresh vegetables and tofu are lightly seared and tossed in a house made sauce. Analysis does not include steamed rice served on the side.