Plan Your Next Vacation Now: Water Country USA

It’s never too early to start planning for your next summer vacation!  Not only can it give you a goal to work towards, but some research indicates that just planning a vacation can help boost feelings of happiness. If you’re looking at family-friendly options for next year complete with splashing good fun, look no further than Water Country USA in Williamsburg, VA.  Water Country USA is packed with rides and attractions plus plenty of Healthy Dining options to make it a delicious vacation.

Mediterranean Salad
When the weather is warm, there is just something so satisfying about a refreshing salad.  The Mediterranean Salad at Water Country USA, is just the mix of flavors and foods to cool you off, satisfy your cravings and keep your diet on track at the theme park. This salad is a spring mix served with sweet strawberries, juicy grapes, Mandarin oranges, tangy cranberries and creamy feta cheese. Opt for the Fat-Free Raspberry Vinaigrette as your choice of dressing to make this a dietitian-recommended Healthy Dining menu choice.

Club Wrap
Get all the good stuff in the palm of your hand with this tasty wrap.  Turkey breast, ham, and cheddar cheese are paired with fresh tomatoes and lettuce then wrapped in a tomato and basil tortilla. That’s not all, either.  This wrap is served with a melon fruit mix for a sweet side.

Start planning now to get the family out to the water park fun at Water Country USA next summer.