Family-Friendly Healthy Dining at Corner Bakery Cafe

Have you had a chance to enjoy a visit to Corner Bakery Cafe yet?  I recently had the opportunity to stop by our local Corner Bakery Cafe for a bite to eat and couldn’t have been happier.  At Corner Bakery Cafe, they say that they’re “passionate about food,” and that passion shines through from the comfortable interior of the restaurant to the care taken while preparing and serving the food.

With my crazy schedule, I opted to pick up my family’s meals to take home.  To make it even easier, I could have ordered ahead online but instead decided to stop by at an off time to skip the line.  The restaurant ambiance brings to mind a neighborhood bakery with warm colors and cozy tables. Ordering was a breeze, and the added bonus was that my meals for two adults and two kids came in at just about $25.  Budget-friendly, delicious and Healthy Dining-approved!
Because my family likes to mix and match and sample, I opted for several choices that we could share:

Trio Salad – Option 1: Toasted Sesame Kale, Quinoa and Pico and Southwest Avocado Salad 
I really only ordered this one for the avocado, but everything was distinctly delicious and refreshing.  The sesame flavor paired well with the kale, and the combination of the sweet kernels of corn and the more savory quinoa and black beans was delicious.  All of that plus loads of veggies and grains made for a totally guilt-free choice that I shared with my husband.  The nutrition analysis for this dish even includes the small focaccia roll served on the side.

Corner Combo: California Grille Panini & Mixed Greens Side Salad
This really has to be one of my favorites at Corner Bakery Cafe.  You’d think it couldn’t possibly be a dietitian pick with the cheese and grilled panini flavor, but it absolutely is!  The sandwich includes a vegetarian mixture of grilled zucchini, marinated artichoke hearts, roasted tomatoes and pesto with fresh spinach and provolone cheese.  The pesto just made my taste buds tingle!  The combination of flavors was incredible – so good, in fact, that I didn’t want to share the other half of the sandwich.  Once my husband was able to pry it away from me, he agreed it was amazing, even if it didn’t have the meat usually chooses.  Even carnivores like him can get behind such a tasty veggie choice.  It’s served with a mixed green side salad, and the dressing is included in the analysis.

Pasta Marinara
The safe bet for dinner in our house is usually some kind of pasta, making this an easy choice for the kids to share.  The noodles were the fun and swirly variety, the marinara was rich and flavorful, and it was served with a side of fruit medley.  My daughter loved the pasta and the fruit.  She was especially excited about the fresh strawberries and juicy grapes in her fruit cup.

I am a huge fan of Corner Bakery Cafe, and now, so is my family.  I’m already getting requests to go back.  Make your week a little easier and more delicious with Healthy Dining choices from Corner Bakery Cafe.