Find Summer Now at Outback Steakhouse

During this time of year, there are days when all you can think of are warm summer nights around the grill with family and friends.  Sometimes, what you need during these cold winter days and nights is an escape to a comfortable and welcoming restaurant, one that serves those same grilled favorites that makes you forget that warm days may still be a ways off.  Outback is just such a restaurant, with a wide variety of tasty steaks, chicken, seafood, salads, soups and sides sure to help you escape to warmer days. 

The bonus is that so many of those classic grilled choices are also Healthy Dining menu choices.  Outback Steakhouse features 33 Healthy Dining choices plus a variety of sides and add ons.  With so many delicious foods to choose from, here are just a few we think you should consider:

Steakhouse Salad
This salad is a Sodium Savvy choice with seared sirloin over mixed greens, Aussie crunch, tomatoes, red onions and cinnamon pecans (480 calories, 24 g fat, 320 mg sodium).  It’s is a good choice because it provides iron from the sirloin along with plenty of fiber-rich veggies.

Grilled Shrimp on the Barbie
This succulent shrimp is sprinkled with seasonings and delicately grilled (170 calories, 4.5 g fat).  Pair it with one of several sides, including steamed broccoli and grilled asparagus, to make it a complete and nutritious meal.

Sweet Glazed Pork Tenderloin
A juicy pork tenderloin slow-roasted and drizzled with a sweet tangy glaze (300 calories, 9 g fat).  Pair it with a diet-friendly baked potato, green beans, house salad or other recommended side dish for added vitamins and minerals. Outback is always a fun choice for families looking to enjoy a relaxing meal together.  For the kids in your life, Outback serves several healthy kids choices, including these:

Grilled Chicken on the Barbie with Broccoli and Apple Juice
This kid favorite Joey grilled chicken is served with a nutritious and parent-approved side of broccoli and a sweet serving of 100% apple juice that will make everyone happy.

Joey Sirloin Medallions with Broccoli and Orange Juice
Outback’s signature steaks also come in kid-sized servings.  This kids choice includes Joey sirloin medallions, broccoli and 100% orange juice.

Next time you need a dose of summer grilling, or any time a good meal out is what you want, stop by Outback Steakhouse.