Try These Healthy Dining Choices at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Theme parks may not be the first place you think of for Healthy Dining choices, but parks like Busch Gardens Tampa Bay are proving that family fun and good-for-you food can go hand-in-hand.  The family favorite doesn’t just deliver the attractions and events that can make any day extra special; it also serves dietitian-recommended options to help keep everyone going strong throughout the day. 

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay prides itself on offering menu items made by hand from the finest, freshest ingredients available, and Healthy Dining choices like these can be conveniently found at restaurants throughout the park:

Mediterranean Salad
A taste of the sunny Mediterranean in Florida, this salad is made with mixed greens, fresh grapes, Mandarin oranges, fresh strawberries, dried cranberries and feta cheese served with tangy raspberry vinaigrette dressing.  Loaded with fiber and veggies, the Mediterranean Salad will help keep your energy high during the day and can be found at Zagora Cafe.

BBQ Chicken Quarter
Classic, simple and oh-so-meaty!  This choice includes a BBQ chicken quarter (white meat) and sweet grapes. Find it at Zambia Smokehouse for a protein-packed lunch to satisfy hunger. Remember to request grapes instead of rice as a side dish and remove skin before eating chicken (skinless chicken included in analysis) to keep this a dietitian-recommended, Healthy Dining choice.

Veggie Burger with Grapes
This veggie burger is topped with tomatoes and lettuce and served with a side of fresh grapes. It’s hard to say no to a good burger!  Choice of condiments not included in nutrition analysis. You can find this Healthy Dining choice at Bengal Bistro.

Make the most of your day at the park with healthier choices like these that can satisfy hunger and help you keep your energy high.