Find Healthier Choices at Sombrero Mexican Food in San Diego

In Southern California, we take Mexican food seriously. Healthy Dining is based in San Diego, where Taco Tuesday is celebrated like a national holiday, and where most diners are unwilling to take the time for three extra syllables to stand between us and our “guac.” Our fine city is known for its taco shops, but one restaurant stands out as the Healthy Diners’ favorite: Sombrero Mexican Food! 

Sombrero has been a local favorite for over 30 years, and it deserves praise not only for its commitment to quality ingredients and from-scratch cooking, but also because it’s a restaurant that has your health in mind. Our team of dietitians has worked with Sombrero to highlight their most nutritious choices and to share nutrition information for their all 15 of their Healthy Dining options!

My personal favorite is the Healthy Chicken Bowl; if you’re a fan of ‘burrito bowls’ this well-rounded meal will satisfy your craving. At 550 calories, it’s a perfectly-sized portion of seasoned rice, pinto beans, shredded chicken breast, a sprinkle of cheese, crisp lettuce and fresh salsa. Naturally, I like to round out the meal by adding a side of “guac” for extra healthy fats and fiber.

If you have your heart set on a burrito, Sombrero’s Healthy Dining menu doesn’t disappoint – the Steak Fajita Burrito is especially delicious, filled with savory rice and pinto beans, fresh sautéed veggies and a generous portion of grilled carne asada. To make this a Healthy Dining option, just hold the creamy chipotle sauce and ask for a whole-wheat tortilla. I love that Sombrero offers a whole-grain choice for tortillas, and I’m even more impressed that upon request, they will even build your burrito with a lettuce wrap instead!

Whatever you order, be sure not to miss out on Sombrero’s famous salsa bar. Sample their freshly-made sauces, and take the opportunity to give your plate an extra serving of veggies with their signature pickled carrots!

Find nutrition information for Sombrero’s Healthy Dining menu, and enjoy their fresh takes on your San Diego style Mexican favorites!