10 Healthy Dining Turkey Choices

Thanksgiving is all about the turkey, but that doesn’t mean that’s the only time or way you can enjoy it.

Healthy Food

Healthy Dining participating restaurants serve up tantalizing turkey choices, rich in flavor and lean protein, all year long!  Here are 10 top turkey picks to cure your cravings:&nbsb;
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  1. Turkey Burger on Wheat Bun at MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes
  2. Hot Turkey Sandwich at Black Bear Diner
  3. Roasted Turkey Breast Meal (Regular Portion) at Boston Market
  4. Turkey Cranberry Sandwich at Boudin SF
  5. Turkey Guacamole Burger at Brookfields
  6. Carved Turkey Sandwich at Das Festhaus at Busch Gardens Williamsburg
  7. Spinach Salad with Turkey Tips at Friendly’s
  8. Lunch: Half Le Club (Le Duet) with Petite Salade at Mimi’s Café
  9. Chipotle Turkey Wrap at SeaWorld San Diego
  10. Club Wrap at Water Country U.S.A.