10 New Ways to Use Ancient Grains

Interested in ancient grains but unsure of tasty ways to make them? The Internet is full of food bloggers and health aficionados whipping up creative, modern ways to enjoy ancient grains. These grains are praised for having a higher protein and nutrient content than modern wheat. Many are also naturally gluten-free! 

Healthy Food

These recipes provide fun, delicious, and healthy ways to bring ancient grains onto the contemporary table.


Spiced Chai Breakfast Quinoa
This recipe uses quinoa instead of oats for a warm breakfast “oatmeal.” This naturally gluten-free “pseudo-cereal” has more protein than traditional oats and also contains all of the essential amino acids. Quinoa is high in manganese, magnesium, and fiber.

Quinoa Egg Wrap Breakfast Burrito
This classic breakfast gets an extra protein boost with the addition of quinoa.

Blueberry Spelt Pancakes
Spelt is an ancient grain with a nutty flavor. It is in the wheat family and provides a good source of phosphorous, zinc, iron, magnesium, and vitamin B3. It is high in fiber and contains slightly higher amounts of manganese, zinc, and copper than whole wheat. Spelt contains gluten and can easily replace whole wheat in many recipes. These blueberry spelt pancakes are a great way to introduce spelt into your meals.


Italian Farro Zucchini Boats
Farro dates back to Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent, where it was a grain for the royals and lower-class alike. It is another ancient grain in the wheat family.  Farro contains lower levels gluten than modern wheat. It is mild and chewy and contains fiber, zinc, iron and B vitamins. Like spelt, farro has vitamin B3, an important precursor to multiple coenzymes used in metabolism and energy production. These zucchini boats are a great, hand-held lunch that are easy to make.

Ancient Grain Salad
This salad boasts a variety of grains and textures. It includes wild rice, farro, and red quinoa amongst different fruits, nuts, and veggies. This recipe would be a great way to incorporate colors and textures into lunch or a side dish for dinner.

Mediterranean Power Bowls with Smoky Red Pepper Sauce
This amazing power bowl contains heaps of fresh veggies, roasted chickpeas, and farro. The recipe packs a punch of flavor and makes trying new grains fun and exciting.


Vegetable Fried Millet
This healthier take on vegetable fried rice utilizes the ancient grain millet instead of white rice. Millet is actually a collection of multiple seeds in the grass family Poaceae. It is thought that millet was the main grain consumed throughout Asia before white rice. It is a good source of iron, phosphorous, and manganese, and it is naturally gluten-free.

One Pot Shrimp, Farro & White Bean Jambalaya
This classic Creole dish gets a healthy makeover with the addition of farro and cannellini beans. It is packed full of traditional, bold jambalaya flavors with plenty of veggies and protein.

Mexican Ranchero Amaranth Stew
This vegan and gluten-free stew contains amaranth, an ancient grain that is actually a “pseudo-cereal,” meaning it does not stem from the Poaceae family like oats and wheat. Amaranth was a staple crop for the Aztecs and prefers higher elevations. It is high in calcium compared to other grains, and it is also a good source of protein, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. Amaranth has also shown promising potential in lowering cholesterol.

Amaranth & Root Vegetable Indian Curry
This curry recipe adds a healthy dose of amaranth rather than less-nutritious white rice. This dish is easy to make and full of root vegetables and bold spices.