The Vegan Burger Recipe You’ve Been Looking For

The best vegan burger recipe created by Cuisinicity.

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So many of us have searched for vegan burger recipes. Unfortunately, so few of us have actually found a vegan burger recipe worth keeping. Catherine Katz of Cuisinicity may have the recipe you’ve been searching for. Known for her flavorful and healthy takes on family-friendly meals, Catherine took on the challenge of creating the vegan burger recipe to end all vegan burger recipes! Here’s what she had to say about the process, the burger and her tips for making it your favorite standby recipe:

All right, I have to admit. I have been trying to create the perfect vegan burger for a long time now without much success. I mean, really, much like the typical ones I had tasted before, they were either too mushy or too obviously “healthy-tasting” (that’s the French foodie in me speaking!!) or just tasted too “complicated,” if you know what I mean. This is of course….up to now: I remedied all that! 

This the best vegan burger I have ever eaten, and I am not just talking nutrition-wise. The ingredients are indeed superb— I’ll get to that in a minute– but I am talking tasty, chewy, not mushy, almost “meaty” as a juicy burger you can sink your teeth into! Here is how I managed to achieve all that, using powerful nutritious ingredients: I use cooked farro as my base (I keep it intact, not ground) which gives it that chewy-nutty texture, then, I add puréed lentils and sautéed diced cremini mushrooms which give it that “meaty-ness,” and finally I “bind” it all together with ground oats and seasonings. It is loaded with protein and fiber; rich in vitamins and minerals; and a source of healthy, unsaturated oil– it is firing on all cylinders!

You can enjoy it plain or topped with my homemade BBQ sauce (click here for recipe)

Find the full Vegan Burger recipe here or you can watch me make it in my own kitchen, here – it’s so easy!

*I also like to use French lentils (Le Puy, a type of green lentil) for this recipe, but if you prefer, you can cook from scratch (a little over ⅓ cup dry ) which type you prefer to make 1 cup cooked, rinsed and drained. Follow package instructions.