What Are the Latest Kids’ Menu Trends, Mediterranean Diet Findings and More?

National Nutrition Month is going strong, and with it comes a wealth of tips, insights and delicious recipes to help us all enjoy a healthier diet now and throughout the year.  

Healthy Food

Here are just some of the health, nutrition and restaurant news we dug into this week:

5 Things a Dietitian Would Never Say
There’s a lot of confusion out there about nutrition and who the real nutrition experts are.  This article sums up some of the top myths and misconceptions that a true dietitian would never say.

Navy Bean Bruschetta
This flavorful recipe takes classic bruschetta to the next level with plant-based protein!  Navy beans are tossed together with baby spinach, shallots and cherry tomatoes, then seasoned with fresh thyme and champagne vinegar for a tasty appetizer or Meatless Monday meal.

Mediterranean Diet could Cut Heart Disease Risk by Nearly Half
The health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet continue to grow with the latest research out showing its significant heart-health benefits.  According to a new ten-year study, “People following a Mediterranean-style diet could slash their risk of heart disease by up to 47%.”  You don’t have to twist our arms!

Why You Should Aim to be Diligent, not Militant
Both this post and the post that it links back to bring up a really important point that often gets lost in the news of the latest fad diet: healthy eating should be an enjoyable and sustainable part of a healthy lifestyle.  We couldn’t agree more!