What Is Intuitive Eating?

You may have heard the term intuitive eating in recent years.  This more mindful approach to food is believed to help people tune into meals and make the best choices for them. 

Forget fad diets, restrictive eating and deprivation. Intuitive Eating is about getting back to the basics of savoring food from start to finish.  This is right up our alley and a way of eating that most dietitians can get behind.  

Our friends at Nutrition411.com have the rundown on this smart approach to eating and how it may help you reach your health goals.

Intuitive eating (IE) is also known as normal eating, diet survival, non-dieting, and the no-diet approach. It is structured around the belief that people need to trust themselves enough to believe that they will eat what and how much food they need. Very few people are able to handle a traditional restrictive diet as a temporary or flexible plan, and they instead become embroiled in an endless cycle of dieting, bingeing, and guilt. Intuitive eating teaches you to listen to your inner signals of hunger and fullness and to respond accordingly.